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Academic Class

2016-17 Academic year .

IT Class

2016-17 Academic Year

Education Workshop

2016-17 Academic Year

2012-13 Academic Year

108 Students .

KnCC Students

KnCC is formed by merging KLMC and KnPT .

Elective Subject

Byzantine Color represent for Community Management Subject .

Elective Subject

Green Color represent for Math Subject .

Elective Subject

Red Color represent for Science Subject .


First Batch Of KnCC .


Students and Teacher.


Students,CBOs and Leaders .

KnCC first term examination - August 2011

First term was taken in August 29 to 3 2011.

Students Activities

Relay Story Telling

Classroom activities

During Lesson

Relay Story Telling


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Optional Subjects

- Karenni
- Thai
- Burmese

Elective Subjects

- Mathematics
- Science
- Management


- Karenni National Day
- Karenni National Resident Day
- Karenni Army Day
- Karenni Martyr Day
- King Birthday
- Students Game
- World Refugee Day
- World Teacher Day


- Typing
- Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher )
- Email/Internet  ( Research )
- Photoshop
- Basic installation ( Program install )


- Basic numbering


- International Crisis and Conflict
- History of Burma
- Southeast Asia
- Social Studies

English subject

- Reading
- Writing
- Listening
- Speaking