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Monday, October 10, 2011


Compulsory Subjects

  •        General English including Grammar, Reading, writing, speaking and Listening
  •        Social Studies
  •        Mathematics – 1
  •        Basic Computer Skills 

Major (student must choose at least one major after second semester of level one)
  •        Community Management Skills (we provide office works, Effective communication, office management, Time management, Project Management)
  •        Academic - (we provide Science , Advanced Mathematics
  •        Computing IT- (Provide Basic to Advanced level of the computing for effectively working in the CBOs.)
Internship Program- we also equip Students internship program to be able to have practical in the work field and Camp Base Organization for three during the final semester of the Level-2)

Optional Subjects
  •      Thai Language
  •        Burmese Language
  •        Karenni Language

To be Graduate from this College, Student must complete or pass
  • ·         Compulsory Subjects & Elective subject(s) & finish the two academic year & have 90% attendance


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